Medical professional gives her career a check-up


Sarah is a medical professional with over 25 years experience.  She thought she had landed the perfect role in clinical operations management that would take her into senior management.  A few weeks into the role and she realised she had signed on for a completely different role than the actual work she was doing.   The situation and the relationship with her employer had deteriorated to such a degree that she was on the verge of being exited from the company.  Sarah’s confidence in herself was shattered, feeling bewildered about what had happened she felt as if she had lost everything she had worked for – along with her reputation.

Sarah had recently completed 3-year project implementing a nationwide education and quality improvement programme at which she was extremely successful. Prior to that, she had extensive experience in frontline emergency patient care and a love of teaching other medical professionals. However, these skills were not what was required.  Instead she found that her focus on improvement, patient care and teaching put her at loggerheads with the drive for efficiency, cost effectiveness and administration her manager considered most important.  More and more Sarah was being asked to do things that were fundamentally different from her values and passion.

Through our coaching, Sarah was able to identify that there was a critical mismatch between what was being asked of her and what she loved to do that sat right in her ‘gut’.  Through coaching and exploration, we were able to confirm her passions were working on the frontline with patients in crisis management and emergency medicine, teaching others clinical practice and, surprisingly, deal making (she had a hobby doing property acquisition and trading).  

We spent some time leveraging her superior negotiation skills to create a win-win exit from the role that was sapping the life out of her whilst, at the same time, researching how to go about creating a future that would deliver on her three passions.

Ultimately, Sarah was able to secure part-time work as a valued emergency medical worker and part-time as an educator in a clinical environment at a reputable university.  Sarah has also realised that the property acquisition and trading hobby had potential to be a fully-fledged business and satisfy her love of deal making.  With the two part-time roles providing the flexibility needed to create space, Sarah was able to spend more energy and time on developing it into a viable and enjoyable business.

If you are harbouring some vision or ideas for a sea-change in your life and are stuck or have no idea what to do to make it come to life, then talk to me I might be able to help.