Talented writer pens her own story

Meet Angela

I've been working with Angela for about a year now and I have to say she has been a dream to coach with... she understood that this takes work and was prepared to put in the hard yards.

Together we have built up her toolkit managing her anxiety with amazing results. Transforming her life from one of stress and crippling anxiety to one of new possibilities, joy, love and happiness.

This is her story.

High flyer changes direction

Meet Caroline.

Before she had children, Caroline had a top-level role in the retail trade. Now, as a young mum of two she was keen to re-enter the workforce, but she wasn’t quite sure what that would look like.

Rachel worked with Caroline to prepare her for going back to work. But, much to Caroline’s surprise, Rachel helped with much more besides. This is Caroline’s story.


The story of the teacher who became the Student

From the very first session I knew I had discovered someone with a huge amount of wisdom and skills. You have guided me in my decision making process, allowing me to define what I wanted and to believe in myself again. You have been instrumental in helping me to identify and change the things I was unhappy about and expand my life, allowing me to believe I could have what I wanted. For anyone who is searching for something, whether they know what it is or not, anyone who is wanting their life to expand, become clearer, more joyful, or more successful will benefit from having Rachel as their coach. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Angie Jones

Angie is an experienced teacher who found herself in a position with excellent pay and conditions but where she was very unhappy – feeling undervalued and overworked.  Most recently she had been passed over for promotion.  Her relationship was suffering and this had sucked all the joy out of her life.

Having Rachel as my business mentor and coach means I have access to sound business leadership advice and expertise at my fingertips and, importantly, I have someone with whom I can discuss anything (and I mean anything) – I know she is in my corner. This is invaluable to me as an independent business owner. Working with Rachel has changed my life – without this I would never have believed I could achieve my dream let alone gone out and done it.
— Jennifer

Jennifer is a woman in her late 30’s who had worked long and hard to establish herself as a legal professional.  Yet 15 years into her career she was feeling undervalued and demotivated.  After years of building up a never ending stream of satisfied clients, she felt constrained by the confines of working to the beat of someone else’s drum.  In her own words, she described the frustration with her job as a personality conflict with her boss and thought that perhaps it was time to move on to another role in a different firm.  She asked me to help her think through what next for her – was it another job or something else?

Medical professional gives her career a check-up

Rachel, I don’t know how to thank you. Your coaching came at a time when I was feeling very disillusioned and really unsure of my career direction. Having had the “ rug pulled out from under me” pursuing what I thought was my dream job I had to really examine where my passions lay in order redirect my career path and your coaching enabled me to do that. When I look at the changes I’ve made over the last year, I feel I have made the right choices and I love the freedom, joy and meaning I have in my “portfolio’ career and so very thankful for your coaching and support that came into my life at just the right time to help me make those choices.
— Sarah

Sarah is a medical professional with over 25 years experience.  She thought she had landed the perfect role in clinical operations management that would take her into senior management.  A few weeks into the role and she realised she had signed on for a completely different role than the actual work she was doing.   The situation and the relationship with her employer had deteriorated to such a degree that she was on the verge of being exited from the company.  Sarah’s confidence in herself was shattered, feeling bewildered about what had happened she felt as if she had lost everything she had worked for – along with her reputation.

Finance star bets it all on a new home in a new country

With Rachel’s help, it took just three months for me to land my dream job. Rachel is very professional and knows just the right way to build your confidence. She sees right to the heart of the problem and will not be diverted by the symptom. Whatever you do with Rachel, I will say your life will never be the same. But it will be you that does it … not Rachel. And she only works with those who are serious about achieving results.
— Anastasia Dorodnaya

Anastasia is a new immigrant with a passion for finance.  She had left her native country with big dreams of settling in her new country and continuing the stellar career in finance she had worked so hard to create.  On arriving in her new country, she immediately encountered barriers to entry.  First she had to requalify.  Then she had to compete with local talent.  Against her was her lack of experience in the local economy; the fact that English was her second language and her lack of a network.

How a builder finally nailed down a great business

Coaching was awesome. It helped me focus on what was important and what needed to change. It increased my confidence, and I was able to create the building business of my dreams.
— Paul Dunbar

Paul is an experienced building contractor with over 30 years in the building industry.  Although he had a fine reputation as an excellent builder and had built strong relationships with subcontractors and clients, he was plagued by tyre kickers and dreamers who argued over price, wanting to use short-cuts and poor quality materials to get the job done.  From time to time, he would secure work that he loved to do with clients he loved to work with and who saw value for money in the work he did to build their dreams.  He also worked 60+ hours a week and although his revenue looked great, his profits were low.