How a builder finally nailed down a great business


Paul is an experienced building contractor with over 30 years in the building industry.  Although he had a fine reputation as an excellent builder and had built strong relationships with subcontractors and clients, he was plagued by tyre kickers and dreamers who argued over price, wanting to use short-cuts and poor quality materials to get the job done.  From time to time, he would secure work that he loved to do with clients he loved to work with and who saw value for money in the work he did to build their dreams.  He also worked 60+ hours a week and although his revenue looked great, his profits were low.

Times were changing and new legal requirements for builders to be qualified to a specific standard was threatening his ability to continue in his business. Paul came from a time when it was perfectly acceptable to learn the trade on the job.  

Early in our coaching, he came to see that becoming qualified was a fundamental step to ensure business continuity.  So, he screwed up his courage, overcame his dislike of book learning and took on a course of education that would see him win a national award with the Institute of Building. Simultaneously, we began the work on how to attract the type of clients and projects he loved.

We spent time on determining Paul’s underlying values and motivations so that we could use these to create a business that was more aligned to the way he wanted to work. We explored which business model would be the best fit and what needed to change to increase profitability. We considered what an ideal customer and an ideal project would look like.  We identified barriers that were getting in the way and how he might be unconsciously undermining himself. Some of the things we implemented were: the ability to turn down work that was out of alignment with his ideals; improved communication with clients; instituted variable charging; set boundaries for better work-life balance and eliminated weekend work unless absolutely necessary.

Nowadays Paul’s confidence and enjoyment has skyrocketed. He only works with clients he loves and on projects that are fulfilling. Both his revenue and profits are up, clients are clamouring to have him (even selling him on Facebook to their friends). There is forward work for months ahead and no more weekend work. He not only has a thriving business that he loves he also has a life outside of work that recharges and re-energises him. 

If you are harbouring some vision or ideas for a sea-change in your life and are stuck or have no idea what to do to make it come to life, then talk to me I might be able to help.