Finance star bets it all on a new home in a new country


Anastasia is a new immigrant with a passion for finance.  She had left her native country with big dreams of settling in her new country and continuing the stellar career in finance she had worked so hard to create.  On arriving in her new country, she immediately encountered barriers to entry.  First she had to requalify.  Then she had to compete with local talent.  Against her was her lack of experience in the local economy; the fact that English was her second language and her lack of a network.

When I met Anastasia, she was working as a domestic cleaner and had all but given up after applying for numerous roles unsuccessfully.  Applications were either unanswered or prospective employers declined before she even had the opportunity to be interviewed. Her confidence was at an all time low.  And the clock was ticking.  An appropriate position with a specific income level needed to be secured in order for her to retain her residency.

Being coached introduced Anastasia to new perspectives and new approaches.  She acquired a new-found confidence that she had the talent, the experience, the skills and knowledge perfectly aligned with the sort of career she truly wanted.  All she had to do was to learn not to settle for second best, to promote herself in the right way and how to engage effectively throughout the recruitment process.  

Together we worked on what she wanted deep down for her life in her new country and, from that, developed a vision for the next 5 years.  The first step was to secure a position working alongside a Chief Financial Officer so that she could gain hands on experience to build a foundation in preparation for taking the next step – a more senior position.  She needed to work for 2-3 years in this position so that she could demonstrate reliability and trustworthiness as well as competency and success.

We also worked on improving and aligning her presentation: her CV and cover letter, her interview skills and techniques all whilst she researched what companies she would like to work with making sure these aligned with her values and beliefs.   We devised new behaviour practices to overcome the unintentional messages she was sending during interviews.  She learned to build rapport more effectively and to manage her levels of anxiety so that she came across as relaxed and confident.  We improved the way that she prepared.  Interviews were now a breeze once she compiled stories and examples that showcased her expertise.  We also reframed the process to be one where the interview was also for her to find out more about the position and how the company operated.  

She used these newly discovered techniques and her greater control over job searching and interviewing to land the perfect position. She returned to working in finance within a medium sized company alongside the CFO as the second in command.   Not only has she landed the perfect job but her life has become relaxed as happy as her income improved and she has secured her permanent residency.

If you are harbouring some vision or ideas for a sea-change in your life and are stuck or have no idea what to do to make it come to life, then talk to me I might be able to help.