Legal eagle learns to spread her wings


Jennifer is a woman in her late 30’s who had worked long and hard to establish herself as a legal professional.  Yet 15 years into her career she was feeling undervalued and demotivated.  After years of building up a never ending stream of satisfied clients, she felt constrained by the confines of working to the beat of someone else’s drum.  In her own words, she described the frustration with her job as a personality conflict with her boss and thought that perhaps it was time to move on to another role in a different firm.  She asked me to help her think through what next for her – was it another job or something else?

Our work together revealed there was history of this kind of struggle in her previous positions.  We discovered she had a deep desire to work for herself and to be the captain of her own ship.  She realised that conflicts arose from her drive to determine for herself how she worked, who she worked with, when and on what basis.  

We focused on helping her craft a vision of the future, together with a series of goals both short and long term.  As she began her journey we discovered and worked on building those new skills she would need to develop to be the leader of a successful legal practice. We also identified changed any unconscious beliefs and behaviours that had created barriers for her in the past.  We set achievable goals and celebrated her successes along the way.  Though weekly coaching sessions she gained the confidence to go for her vision to establish and lead her practice the way she wanted.

We have continued our journey as Jennifer took her first steps into starting out.  Over time, Jennifer has learned to be a visionary leader, an effective recruiter, manage individual and team performance and build a strong culture.  She has increased sales through creating foundational values and understanding the client journey to leverage opportunities to up-sell and cross sell, encouraging referrals from existing clients and building strategic alliances with other businesses.

Now 5 years on, she has a thriving, funky city-fringe practice, creating a desirable place that attracts other professionals who want to work with her, together with a loyal client base.  She has become an amazing leader who has created the values driven client-centric business she dreamed of.

If you are harbouring some vision or ideas for a sea-change in your life and are stuck or have no idea what to do to make it come to life, then talk to me I might be able to help.