The story of the Teacher who became the Student


Angie is an experienced teacher who found herself in a position with excellent pay and conditions but where she was very unhappy – feeling undervalued and overworked.  Most recently she had been passed over for promotion.  Her relationship was suffering and this had sucked all the joy out of her life.

She had tried to change this situation by applying for numerous jobs only to discover that the market was extremely competitive and that her current position was considered to be a plum job.  She felt trapped and stuck.

In our coaching work we were able to identify the most important areas in her work, the things that made her come more fully alive. What she really loved was to build and create and make a difference in the lives of her students. She also had a strong independent streak and really valued her freedom. She wanted the opportunity to be creative, using her full range of skills and talents whilst working with students.

Recognizing that in her current position she was not enjoying the freedom, creativity, and balance she needed to feel happy, and not really feeling that she was making a difference in her job, she began the process of developing a plan of finding and transitioning to more satisfying work.

It took a few months to get everything lined up and she made the move. Weekly coaching calls helped keep her focused moving through those obstacles and concerns she faced. Soon she decided to move to another city where she found a position that utilised her creativity and leadership. At the same time, she was able to inject joy and pleasure into her relationship with her partner. As her stress levels went down, her motivation, energy and level of fulfilment went way up.

Our regular coaching work ended a while ago and we still keep in touch.  Angie is moving strongly ahead with her life and career in a position where her contributions are recognised and valued, she enjoys her life in the new location, has a relationship that is thriving and has managed to fit in some pretty amazing vacations. She still has regular challenges in her life, however with a clear sense of who she is, and what makes her happy, she is able to make great decisions that keep her on track to where she is going.

If you are harbouring some vision or ideas for a sea-change in your life and are stuck or have no idea what to do to make it come to life, then talk to me I might be able to help.