career coach

I’m a Business Mentor and Life Coach.

I work with people to find roles that resonate deeply with them, to encourage their businesses to thrive, and to help them be around people who are a joy to work with.

As a Business Mentor and Life Coach, I bring an objectivity to see things in a way you may not have thought of, enabling you to move forward. You’ll find my clients happily jump out of bed, eager and excited to get going. But don’t just take my word for it. Read some of their success stories here.


Why I do what I do

In my management career, what I have enjoyed the most was helping others develop their careers.

Early on, I discovered helping people find their passion and develop skills to be their best self at work meant everything improved: their productivity, their participation as a team member, and their commitment to doing a good job.

And when the time came, I’d help them spread their wings and they’d move on to bigger, better and brighter things. When they left, new people would join and re-energise the team with different experiences, knowledge and personalities.

I thrive in helping people get to the next level.

My passion for seeing people develop, together with the wider effects of this on their work and life, led me to changing my focus from managing and leading, to mentoring and coaching others. Is it time for you to make brave moves in your work, career or business? Then we need to chat.


Rachel goes above and beyond for each of her clients. After working with Rachel the last few months, my perspective in life has improved and I find myself much more confident and happier. Rachel has become a valued confidant and treasured mentor.
— Kat D